Through years of tried and tested experience with thousands of bed bug cases, the owners of Sleep Tight Pest Control have learned that a combination of factors lead to successful bed bug eradication.

Sleep Tight Pest Control has successfully made buildings in high risk neighborhoods 
100% bed bug free by: 

    • Emphasizing prevention!
    • Taking active defensive measures
    • Using a multifaceted IPM strategy
    • Having tenant compassion
    • Cooperating with all parties, (tenants, property owners, social workers, case managers, and government officials)
    • Maintaining high quality standards and impeccable great attention to detail

Sleep Tight Pest Control's management was the first to:

    Start Freezing for bed bugs in 2002    

    Start Co2 treatment in 2002

    Start Full unit preps in 2001

    Start Tenant transfer protocols in 2003

    Start building defendable rooms in 2003

    Start requesting pest control to follow 3 sprays in 2003

    Start move in inspections in 2004

    Start inspections of surrounding units in 2003

    Start full building inspections in 2004


Specializing in commercial buildings (35 units+)
*We do not accept private clients*

Management First became involved in changing local policy in 2006. Together with other stakeholders in the local community,  San Francisco's first Guidelines for Best Practices have been developed.  

It is from these guidelines that Dr. Ojo Johnson from the Department of Public Health in San Francisco based his first record of The Directors Rules and Regulations found here 


Currently we are part of the Bed Bug Working Group, putting forth recommendations  that have helped form the New Directors Rules and Regulations proposed here in San Francisco. In addition, we continue to work with Supervisor Jane Kim's office to bring forth new legislation.