Powder Coated Puffer Duster

Powder Coated Puffer Duster

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Bed bug powder applicator, for use in hard to reach areas.

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Key features:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Powder not included
  • Removable top for easy cleaning and refill.
  • Features an O-ring which helps reduce powder leakage
  • Powder coatings ensure no air pollution while being applied, nor do they generate hazardous waste.
  • Can hold 1.2 oz of diatomaceous and 5 oz of boric acid.
  • End cap fits over the adjustment screw for added protection
  • All metal parts are galvanized steel with a red powder coat to ensure longevity and easy identification.
  • Includes an internal spring, which makes it easy to use and results in less hand fatigue. The Insecticide Puffer can be held upright or inverted for better dust dispersion control.


Additional information

Price per

Case, Pack


JT Eaton


9.50 L x 3.00 W x 5.75 H

How Many?

1 per pack, 24 per case


Green, Red

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To use this duster remove the rubber stopper and fill it about half full with your dust of choice. Insert the stopper and flip the duster over so that the rubber stopper is facing down and the metal spout is at the top. Now squeeze it to produce a fine puff of dust that looks like smoke.