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About Sleep Tight Group

The Sleep Tight Group combines the operations of Sleep Tight Pest Control, Sleep Tight Biohazard, and Sleep Tight Supplies, offering property owners and managers a full range of licensed pest management services under one roof. Effective pest control requires diligent coordinated attention to detail, cleanliness, safety and followup. Because Sleep Tight provides end-to-end pest detection, room preparation, treatment, and preventive inspections under the same management, you’re assured of long-term pest free results.

Sleep Tight’s success started in 2002 when we attained 100% bedbug-free buildings in San Francisco’s most high risk neighborhoods. Bedbugs are the most difficult of pests to control, requiring collaboration from all users of a building to control them so we’ve extended those methods to general pest control for rodents, insects and other pests.

Sleep Tight’s unusual success comes from the integrated pest management programs we’ve innovated with our clients. Through a program of property manager training, building maintenance protocols, tenant education, tenant relations, and building inspection, Sleep Tight helps clients reduce the cost, time, and tenant concern of pest infestations.

If you manage or own residential or commercial properties, call us for a free consultation. Sleep Tight is experienced and fully licensed in general pest control, bedbug abatement, and biohazard remediation. We can also help you with legal and regulatory assessments.